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Zelioni Cockpit HUD – Primavera / Sprint

Make your Vespa truly something special with Zelioni’s products.

For example, a unique accessory that no one has is this Heads Up Display (HUD) made of anodized aluminum. This mounts above the counter and allows you to add a Koso display/meter from the superslim series such as a temperature gauge or voltmeter.

So that you can tell if the road surface is in danger of getting slippery in winter, or if you have enough juice left in the battery, etc.

The possibilities are endless. Only with Zelioni!

Vanaf: 112,95109,95

Made for each other...

Koso Voltmeter Superslim

This voltmeter is suitable for the

Zelioni cockpit HUD

, and with it you can continuously monitor the battery voltage.

Especially useful in the winter when batteries are struggling. After all, you want to avoid starting problems.

Dimensions 56x27x11 mm, the housing is CNC machined from anodized aluminum. So wind and weather resistant.



Model Engine capacity in cc Type designation Engine Year built Comments
VESPA Sprint / Sport 50 ZAPC53201 2T AC `14-`16
VESPA Sprint 3V Euro4 50 ZAPCA0101 4T AC `17-`19
VESPA Sprint 3V Euro4 50 ZAPCA0103 4T AC `18-
VESPA Sprint 4V 50 ZAPC53101 4T AC `14-`17
VESPA Sprint i.e. 3V 150 ZAPM81401 4T AC `14-`16
VESPA Sprint i.e. 3V / Sport 150 ZAPM814 / RP8M8 4T AC `14-`16
VESPA Sprint i.e. 3V / Sport 125 ZAPM81300 / ZAPM81301 / RP8M821 4T AC `14-`17
VESPA Sprint i.e. 3V iGet Euro4 125 ZAPMA1300 / RP8M825 4T AC `16-
VESPA Sprint i.e. 3V iGet Euro4 150 ZAPMA1400 / RP8M82211 4T AC `16-
VESPA Primavera 50 ZAPC53200 2T AC `13-`16
VESPA Primavera / Touring 4V 50 ZAPC53100 4T AC `13-`17
VESPA Primavera 3V / Touring Euro4 50 ZAPCA0100 4T AC `17-`18
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