Custom Mopeds

We were the first in the world to build a Vespa and Piaggio Zip scooter configurator on our website that allows a new Vespa or Piaggio scooter to be assembled completely according to your wishes in any color.

After all, we understand better than anyone else that everyone wants to ride a unique scooter in their own style. That's why we offer the most options, follow the latest trends and develop our own unique accessories.

To make it accessible to everyone, we have the most competitive prices in the market and we also build the new scooter according to the specifications for free!

Repair and Maintenance

In our well-equipped workshop our mechanics, specialized in Vespa and Piaggio scooters, perform all maintenance work using only original parts.

They also fix every conceivable malfunction on your favorite vehicle, tune it for maximum performance or install sick accessories.


Vanuit ons eigen magazijn versturen wij zes dagen per week de mooiste en beste accessoires, en uiteraard ook originele reserveonderdelen voor mensen die zelf willen sleutelen en pimpen.

Meer dan 90% van alle orders kan uit de eigen voorraad dezelfde dag nog worden uitgeleverd, nog eens 8% binnen 1 of 2 dagen. Dit alles dankzij ons uitgekiende logistieke systeem.

Damage repair

An accident is not the end of the world. Have you fallen, was your scooter blown over or did you have a collision?

It often seems worse than it is. With our experience, expertise and large stock of spare parts, the damage is repaired invisibly in no time so you can get back on the road quickly.


Roger 'Schwarzenegger''

Founder / Owner

Out of pure love for Vespa scooters, Roger founded our company in 2014. Knows how to fix every scooter problem and wields the wrench in the workshop.

Can often be found at the gym when not playing with his son. F1 and soccer fan.


Edwin 'Globetrotter'

Director / Owner

Jack-of-all-trades within the company, but is mainly occupied with building the website/automation

Has seen almost the entire world, loves extreme sports, EDM, thrillers and pranking.


Mark 'Paparazzo'

Warehouse Manager

Sends out orders faster than the speed of light, keeps our warehouse stocked and is our designated photographer.

Knows every specialty beer ever brewed, family man, bounces like Edwin best on EDM.




Is quickly becoming the best mechanic in the Netherlands.

Works out, breaks many a heart, bounces to the tones of FunX. Can handle our coffee machine very well.

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