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YSS Rear Shock Absorber Red/Black – Sprint / Primavera – OB222-395P-02-85

This high-tech shock absorber from YSS is filled with the ideal mix of nitrogen and special shock absorber oil, making it feel like every unevenness in the road is covered with a layer of velvet; so smooth.

This has spectacular effects on handling and ride comfort. The included pin allows you to adjust the stiffness, allowing you to adjust it perfectly to your riding style and the weight of your buddy.

So, is your shock absorber in need of replacement? Then don’t settle for less than a YSS shock absorber and buy that thing!


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Estimated delivery date:01 Jun 2023



Model Engine capacity in cc Type designation Engine Year built Comments
VESPA Primavera 50 ZAPC53200 2T AC `13-`16
VESPA Primavera / Touring 4V 50 ZAPC53100 4T AC `13-`17
VESPA Primavera 3V / Touring Euro4 50 ZAPCA0100 4T AC `17-`18
VESPA Sprint / Sport 50 ZAPC53201 2T AC `14-`16
VESPA Sprint 3V Euro4 50 ZAPCA0101 4T AC `17-`19
VESPA Sprint 4V 50 ZAPC53101 4T AC `14-`17
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