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Vespa Lower Handlebar Cover Cap – Sprint – Original Colors – Left – 1B000074

There are two caps at the bottom of the lower handlebar cover, which are secured with a click system.

Such a lip can break off, causing the cap to no longer be firmly attached and you could lose it while driving.

Quickly order a new one in the same beautiful color as your Vespa so that water and dirt cannot get into the handlebar cover.

If you have a Vespa in a custom color, order the unpainted variant and ask if your painter can help you further.

Vanaf: 10,95

Additional information

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Piaggio / Vespa (original)


Arancio Tramonto 890/a (orange), Azzurro Gaiola 261/a (blue), Bianco Montebianco 544 (white), Blu Vivace 297/a (blue), Giallo Gelosia 974/a (matt yellow), Giallo Positano 968/a (yelloe), Grigio Materia 715/c, Grigio Titanio 707 (matt grey), Grigio Titanio 742/b (matt grey), Matt Blue 282/a, Nero Lucido 94 (gloss black), Nero Notte 99/c (matte black), Rosso Dragon 894 ®d), Unpainted, Verde Speranza 341/a (green)

Fits on

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OEM Number

1B000075, 1B00007500090, 1B000075000BR, 1B000075000D03, 1B000075000DQ, 1B000075000DV, 1B000075000EZ, 1B000075000HQ, 1B000075000HT, 1B000075000L5, 1B000075000L7, 1B000075000NV, 1B000075000R7, 1B000075000TA, 1B000075000VU

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