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Styling kit – Vespa GTS from 2019 – Matte or Gloss Black

Give the whole scooter a facelift.

Replacing all parts that are original chrome for black parts gives the scooter a completely different look. More contemporary.

This set includes:

  • Legshield Beading
  • Head and taillight bezel
  • Grips
  • Brake levers
  • Dashboard Bezel
  • Horn Cover Inlays
  • Wheel Hub Cover
  • Swingarm Cover
  • Mudguard Crest
  • Handle Bar Weights


Just need to decide if it should be matte black or gloss black.

Note: Chose the right Speedo bezel, depending on you model (Super Tech or not).

  • Speedo Bezel GTS Super Tech

    Only for Super Tech models

  • Speedo Bezel - GTS Basic / Super / Super Sport

    up to YOC 2022

  • Grips

  • Brake Levers

  • Handle Bar Weights

  • Taillight Bezel

  • Horn Cover Inlays