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RogerGPS vehicle tracker – 24/7 worldwide tracking of your scooter

With the RogerGPS vehicle tracker, you have a small, rugged and highly accurate GPS tracker. It works worldwide thanks to the special IoT Sim card that can connect to any mobile network on earth. The tracker has a backup battery built in, so even if the scooter’s battery is disconnected, the tracker will continue to transmit its location for 2-3 days.

With the advanced tracking app, you can receive notifications when your vehicle is due for service, or when it enters or exits a geographic zone you define, goes above a certain speed etc. etc. The possibilities are endless.

The tracker is also easy to install. You never need to top up the SIM card or anything like that, AND the app is very user-friendly in addition to being professional.

In case of theft, you can tell the police where the scooter is, and even share the location with them or other people.

All this for a low all-in price, meaning no hidden costs.

Use the discount code“friendofroger” to get as much as 10% off the inexpensive starter package, consisting of the tracker, SIM card and 1 year subscription!

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