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Pro-Tect Chain Lock – Sapphire – ART4

With these ultra-strong chain locks from Pro-Tect, you can securely lock your scooter, preferably to a fixed object such as a lamppost. The chain is made of “keihardium,” or hardened steel that is impossible to cut “on location” by a thief.

The Sapphire locks have the head attached to the chain, which “works” faster than a chain with padlock but the head must fit between your spokes!

Available in two lengths, 120 and 150cm, always equipped with a nylon cover to protect your scooter’s precious paint from scratches.

The chain has links of 10.5mm thick hardened steel, the padlock is of the same hard steel and secured against drilling and other violence.

Vanaf: 46,95

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Additional information

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120cm, 150cm

Security Class

4 Star

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