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Naraku ECU Kit – Vespa / Piaggio 4T 3V iGet engines – Euro4

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The engine block of a Vespa Sprint or a Piaggio Zip has much more to it, install this ECU from Naraku and experience how much more.

Speeds above 60 are possible with this ECU, when the variator and clutch are properly adjusted (correct rollers and springs). Remember to recalibrate the Throttle Position Sensor.

The ECU comes complete with rollers and bolts for the variator, tension springs for the clutch and an air hose.

Also order the limiter below, wokken=dokken!

Note! This ECU is ONLY suitable for 4T 3V EURO4 engines (build years 2018 to 2020).

Does not work with 80cc cylinders, there is a different ECU from Malossi for that. Click here!


Erwartete Ablieferdatum:17 Feb 2023

For when you don't want to go so fast:

Euro limiter for Piaggio / Vespa - 4T 3V Engines

Save yourself a lot of money with this wireless 4T 3V CDI/Limiter with remote control. Turn on fast mode with the remote control while driving. To go back to the slow mode, turn the ignition off and on again; this can also be done while driving.

The remote controls are encrypted and therefore cannot be copied. So someone else (uncle cop) cannot turn on the fast mode.

Suitable for: Vespa Sprint, Vespa Primavera, Vespa LX, Piaggio ZIP, Piaggo New FLY etc.

NOTE: Only fits 4T 3V (4 Stroke 3 Valves) models in combination with a fast ECU such as the Malossi Injtronic ECU Euro4 or Malossi Injtronic ECU Euro5!!!! It can also limit other faster than 25km/h ECUs.

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Manufacturer / Model Engine Capacity Type designation Engine Block Year built Comments
PIAGGIO Liberty 3V Euro4 50 RP8CA1100 4T AC ’17-`19

Manufacturer / Model Engine Capacity Type designation Engine Block Year built Comments
VESPA Primavera 3V / Touring Euro4 50 ZAPCA01 / ZAPCA0102 4T AC `17-`18
VESPA Sprint 3V Euro4 50 ZAPCA0101 4T AC `17-`19
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