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Locks and Alarm Package.

Vespa scooters are in high demand but unfortunately not everyone is willing to pay for them. It is therefore necessary to properly secure your machine when you park it. If you equip your Sprint or Primavera with our locks and alarm systems, you can leave it alone with peace of mind.

  • Anti Robos Handlebar Lock Vespa Sprint / Primavera - 605537m026

    Everyone wants such a beautiful scooter, which is why it is important to protect it as much as possible. These handlebar locks from Radikal and Luma are therefore indispensable. The lock is practically indestructible because it consists of a steel cable surrounded by hard steel rings. Hardened steel is virtually impossible to pierce, saw or cut. In addition, the lock itself stands up to the best lockpicker. So you can be virtually certain that your Vespa Primavera / Sprint will still be there when you return when it is secured with one of these Antrirobos locks from Radikal or Luma.

    Features of the anti robos lock:

    • Because the lock is attached to the handlebar, the handlebar is in a fixed position, so it cannot be driven.
    • The lock is easy to assemble.
    • You can also further secure your helmet by hanging it on the lock.
    • Conveniently stored under the buddy.
    • Comes complete with all mounting hardware

    The handlebars of a Primavera/Sprint are already suitable for mounting this Anti Robos lock.

  • Vespa/Piaggio Disk Brake Lock with Alarm - 605060m

    The Vespa/Piaggio disc brake lock is easy to apply to the disc brake and makes it impossible for your scooter to drive away. The lock is made of hardened steel with a pin as large as 5.5mm that goes through an opening in the brake disc. The lock has a built-in alarm that activates when you lock it. The alarm has a motion sensor and thus also goes off if someone tries to lift your scooter e.g. into a van. With a siren that produces 110 decibels of sound, they will leave that out of their minds.

    The lock comes with an extra battery and a nylon pouch and is finished in shiny chrome.

    Estimated delivery date:18 Apr 2024

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