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Euro limiter for Piaggio / Vespa – 4T 3V Engines

Save yourself a lot of money with this wireless 4T 3V CDI/Limiter with remote control. Turn on fast mode with the remote control while driving. To go back to the slow mode, turn the ignition off and on again; this can also be done while driving.

The remote controls are encrypted and therefore cannot be copied. So someone else (uncle cop) cannot turn on the fast mode.

Suitable for: Vespa Sprint, Vespa Primavera, Vespa LX, Piaggio ZIP, Piaggo New FLY etc.

NOTE: Only fits 4T 3V (4 Stroke 3 Valves) models in combination with a fast ECU such as the Malossi Injtronic ECU Euro4 or Malossi Injtronic ECU Euro5!!!! It can also limit other faster than 25km/h ECUs.


Estimated delivery date:01 Jun 2024

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