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Bitubo WMB Set Rear Shock Absorbers Red/Black – GT / GTS / GTV / GT L – SC180WMB01V1

WMB rear shock absorbers from Bitubo, the brand for scooters, give your scooter greatly improved handling, unprecedented stability and ride comfort.

The blacksmith’s secret is the internal hydraulic system that has a specific setting for each model of scooter.

Because of their extensive adjustability, they are suitable for all imaginable conditions, alone or with a passenger.

The shock absorber is made of high-strength steel alloy, finished with anti-rust and anti-wear treatments. The fasteners are milled from a single piece of aluminum alloy using a CNC machine.

The Bitubo WMB series consists of oil- and nitrogen-filled shock absorbers, with the oil and gas separated by a floating piston.

The preload of the spring is infinitely adjustable by means of a single aluminum ring. Included in the package is a key to adjust the ring.

Vanaf: 400,95376,95

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