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Battery YTX9-BS 12v-8Ah (including acid pack)

If you need to replace your scooter’s battery, we have a choice for you between a battery from the renowned Japanese brand Nitro or a battery from Yuasa, the brand that Piaggo/Vespa mounts as standard. Both batteries deliver 8 amp hours at a voltage of 12 volts, and have high starting power even at low temperatures(!).

We supply the battery incl. the necessary acid packageHowever, you have to pour the acid into the battery through the filler caps and charge the battery yourself (this can possibly be done by starting your scooter with the kickstarter and going for a ride).

This battery
is maintenance free
, after you fill it, permanently seal the fill openings with the strip provided.

Check the list below to see if this battery is suitable for your scooter.

Vanaf: 29,95



Additional information

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 15 × 8,7 × 10,5 cm

Nitro, Yuasa


12 Volt

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