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Malossi Clutch and Bell – Maxi Fly System – Sprint / Primavera / Liberty / LX – 125cc iGet – 5218125

This is the Malossi Maxi Fly clutch system. A centrifugal clutch system with clutch clock for racing purposes.

The system consists of two parts:

  • Reinforced clutch for extreme street use (Fly Clutch)
  • the steel (DC04) dynamically balanced clutch bell (Clutch Bell)

Malossi now offers these two quality products in combination, guaranteeing the optimal transmission performance of the scooter.

Due to the high demand for these two products, they are both available in one package at our razor-sharp prices.

The Fly Clutch:

Fly Clutch is a reinforced centrifugal clutch designed to easily withstand extreme use, for example constant stopping and going on steep roads, urban traffic, long traffic light sequences, especially with a passenger, and during hot weather when it becomes difficult to control the scooter temperature keep under control.

Fly benefits greatly from Malossi’s experience, results obtained from research and thousands of tests carried out in the field of scooter racing.

The Link Bell:

The clutch bell is forged from DC04 deep drawing steel;
Center hub is round carbon steel material and TIG welded;
Anti-vibration tape welded in a 3-point 120° pattern;
100% dynamically balanced;
Surface hardened by nitriding.

Further improving a product is Malossi’s passion, where they are constantly looking for an aspect that can be improved, optimizing operation and increasing reliability and safety.

Malossi…. you notice the difference!

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