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Raising kit with limiter Sprint / Primavera Euro5

Unfortunately, reliable fast ECUs are still not available for Euro5 Vespas and Zipjes, and if they work at all the speed is not really top notch.

Therefore, especially for the moustache riders, we offer this upgrade package Euro5 consisting of:

  • original
    Vespa/Piaggio moped ECU (45 Km/h)
  • Malossi high-speed variator
  • Adjustable Euro limiter
  • 8.5 gram roller set

With this you achieve an unlimited speed of about 55 km/h, you drive with an original Vespa ECU (software update at the dealer possible, police just see an original ECU).

The best solution for Euro5 mustache scooters. Obviously not for sale at any other webshop, but only at Roger Trading the best online Vespa Specialist.

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